Law Offices of Scott B. Ayers

The Law Offices of Scott B. Ayers is a full service civil law firm serving Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside and San Diego Counties that emphasizes special education, estate planning, contract, business formation and maintenance, and entertainment law.  Attorneys are available for in-home consultations.

Special Education
For over 13 years, Scott B. Ayers practiced special education advocacy and achieved an impressive unbeaten litigation record.  The firm is very experienced in special education advocacy, and practices aggressive, yet realistic, negotiations for the acquisition and implementation of free, appropriate public education for all students of special needs.

Estate Planning

With an extensive history in estate planning, the Law Offices of Scott B. Ayers is able to provide its clients with a comprehensive set of documents regarding various forms of estate planning.  These include wills, trusts, special needs trusts, medical directives and durable powers of attorney.Type your paragraph here.

From entertainment contracts to employment contracts, in both formation and analysis, the firm is able to provide all of your contract needs.  The staff  have the ability to quickly and efficiently develop contracts for any number of needs, in both general civil contexts as well as in the entertainment world (in both music and filmed entertainment).

Business Formation
The firm has extensive experience in crafting corporate and limited liability company operating agreements and articles of incorporation.   Further, the Law Offices of Scott B. Ayers is able to handle any number of other corporate entity activities, such as conversion, dissolution, and stock transfer.

The Law Offices of Scott B. Ayers has over a decade of experience dealing with music contracts and band agreements, as well as independent distribution agreements and touring agreements.

In the world of film, the firm has negotiated talent agreements and releases, as well as production agreements.  The latter include crew agreements, production agreements, and collaboration agreements.